Bardibas Resort (BR) is at the heart of Bardibas city. Located in the most demanding area of Mahottari district, nepal. It is a perfect choice for guests who want to experience quiet and village like experience in the centre of No.1 tourist area. Within a few minutes walking distance of the buzzing centre of Bardibas, the hotel is a private and quiet recluse for guests who want to sit along with trees, birds and plants.
Bardibas Resort (BR) presents unique design with two story Nepali villages like buildings to create an atmosphere that is simple, peaceful yet urban. The hotel offers modern designed interior accommodations along with beautiful swimming pool and priority is given to keep it's theme integrate with nature, the effort has given to maximize the garden area by keeping several old fruit trees planted few decades before, so that our guests can feel peace when they come back home from their wrok/visit from chaotic Mahottari district. The accommodations are equipped with most needed modern amenities, offering guests the comforts they deserve.